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The Best Chili (I) Ever (Made)...

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to make chili. Twice, in fact - once for the potluck dinner for my daughter's school science fair on Saturday evening, then again on Sunday for my church's chili cookoff after the morning service. However, since most of Saturday was taken up with judging the science fair, and Sunday morning was taken up with church, I knew in advance I wouldn't have a ton of time to prepare.

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Resources on Homosexuality and the Christian Faith

For the past two weeks, the Sunday school class I have the privilege of teaching has been working our way through Romans 1:26-27, which deals with the topic of homosexual behavior. Being such a culturally relevant topic as well as one that cannot simply be ignored (almost everyone in the class has a friend, coworker, or family member who identifies as gay), I put together a short list of books that address this controversial topic in a Biblically-faithful way. I'm sharing it here as well in case anyone else finds it helpful.

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"Work the Problem"

The weekend before last, my wife and I saw the new Ridley Scott film The Martian. As a huge fan of Andy Weir's novel, I was hoping that the movie would do the book justice. And it did. Matt Damon was perfect as Mark Watney, and the essential nerdiness and humor made the transition intact, if simplified a bit.

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