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Hi there. I’m John Moody, aka “that Moody guy”. I should write something poignant and moving, but it’s 4:45 PM on a Friday afternoon and I want to go hang with my family. So here are the highlights. Maybe, if you’re very lucky, I’ll rewrite this in the future.

  • I started writing software at age 8 in BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 computer. For the last 23 years, I’ve been doing it professionally.
  • For the last 12 years, I’ve been a consultant, writing software applications for various organizations large and small.
  • I’m also the creator and CEO of LinkSense, a tool that helps companies get their mobile apps installed on more of their customer’s phones.
  • These days, I mostly write code in Ruby and Elixir, though I did spend several years in the Microsoft .Net world as well.
  • I am completely self-taught as a developer. My college degree is a BA in Religion and Philosophy.
  • No, seriously. That fact also explains how I’ve done part-time work as a pastor and a college philosophy instructor at various points in my adult life.
  • I am a native of Florida that fled the beaches and humidity of the Sunshine State for the beautiful Pacific Northwest back around the turn of the millennium.
  • I am extremely blessed to be married to the most wonderful woman on the planet - 23 years and she still hasn’t murdered me yet, so you know she’s a saint!
  • I am still further blessed to be the father of four amazing kids, even if three of them are currently teenagers. (Your prayers are appreciated.)
  • When I’m not writing code (or articles for this website), I am probably either reading a theology book, teaching at my church, grilling a hunk of dead critter, or doing a woodworking project in the garage.

Thanks for stopping by!